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Inclusive Education

29 November 2023

3 minutes to read

Becoming an expert learner

Professor Caroline Keenan, Director of Education and Student Experience and Associate Professor of Law and Legal Education, led an interesting project on helping students become expert learners. Here’s an overview of the session and project goals. University learning can feel fragmented and overwhelming to students. There are many support services, but students…

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28 September 2023

3 minutes to read

We need to talk about Schrödinger

In light of recent revelations about the personal life of one of the most infamous quantum physicists, it is time we re-measured Schrödinger’s legacy? [Content warning: sexual assault] In an Irish Times article from Dec 11 2021, Joe Humphreys brought the personal life of one of the most famous names in quantum…

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6 September 2023

3 minutes to read

CATE award for Grand Challenges team!

The Grand Challenges team was award a Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence by AdvanceHE in 2023. The Grand Challenges (GC) team was formed to facilitate inclusive, supportive and creative environments for students to explore ‘wicked’ problems (Rittel and Webber, 1973) and develop their employability. Hosted by the Career Zone, the team promotes…

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6 September 2022

6 minutes to read

Transforming education to transform the world

In its Strategy 2030, the University of Exeter has pledged ‘to use the power of education and research to create a sustainable, healthy, and socially just future’. This goal requires the collective commitment of staff, students, and partners across the breadth of our activities and initiatives.

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16 March 2022

3 minutes to read

Exploring the benefits of compassion – in education and in life

Over 500 people from around the world attended the University’s first Festival of Compassion in November. Held over 10 days, the festival hosted a wide range of free online and on-campus activities to explore how we can foster compassion to build stronger communities. The diverse events included:

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girls in science classroom

24 November 2021

3 minutes to read

Inspiring the next generation of female STEM students

Research shows that females are more likely than males to form negative emotions about their abilities to perform mathematics or sciences, and that these perceptions take root at a young age. These views are often influenced by stereotypes about gender disparities, and false assumptions that mathematics or science subjects are not for…

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14 September 2021

3 minutes to read

Good at maths? How innovative projects are aiming to broaden student participation

For many of us, our perceived ability at maths will be influenced by cultural bias – such as the view that maths is predominantly a male field, or an innate talent. These are views that Dr Houry Melkonian, Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Exeter, is keen to change.

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Colombian flag on building

18 June 2021

4 minutes to read

How a Colombia field trip became a successful virtual exchange

Field courses are a capstone of many degree programmes, facilitating immersive and experiential learning opportunities. Students can engage with various aspects of their chosen field in situ, in an authentic and often applied way. This might involve touring unique facilities, interacting with external experts,

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Teaching in an AV enhanced space

9 June 2021

3 minutes to read

How enhancing the AV in teaching spaces can create a more seamless student experience

One of the many challenges faced by educators over the last year is delivering teaching concurrently to both students present in the room and also joining online through Teams or Zoom. Teaching rooms are rarely equipped to enable this concurrent teaching effectively, with limited camera and audio coverage

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