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Dr. Alison Hill

13 December 2023

4 minutes to read

Gamifying review sessions: helping students integrate their learning in a supportive, enjoyable environment

Student engagement is a hot topic in education at the moment, and gamification is one way we can create effective and engaging learning environments for our students. Gamification can also be an excellent way to consolidate learning and enable multiple topics to be tested in a synoptic way. We’ve done this by…

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11 October 2023

3 minutes to read

Using unique data sets for online assessments

Online assessments provide flexibility but also opportunities for misconduct. Some reports estimate that 1 in 6 students have cheated (Wonkhe, 2022), others suggest the figure is 1 in 14, with 3 in 5 engaging in poor academic conduct (THE, 2022). This cheating often involves prohibited collaboration in non-invigilated settings. It is a…

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